SiNce 2012

Touring adaptations of classic plays and novels

Starting life at the inspirational Swanage Ampitheatre, SISATA was born from a love of Shakespeare and a longing to make theatre accessible to all.

Starting with just a week's run at the spectacular venue in the Prince Albert Gardens in 2012, we have since grown, and our annual show now tours to various locations and theatres across the south of England and beyond.

Adapting to each venue, we bring classic stories to life and enable audiences to be a part of enthralling and stimulating storytelling, allowing them to be immersed in the worlds we inhabit.

SISATA's mission is to bring engaging and interactive performances of classic stories - making them accessible to modern audiences and highlighting the timeless issues that are always present and relevant.

Touring 2024


Adapted and Directed by Charmaine K

Musical Direction by Alastair Braidwood

Created with support from the Lighthouse, Poole, Arts University Bournemouth and Bournemouth University.

#battleoftheages #fightforthefuture 

Dorset based SISATA transports you to Neverland like you have never seen it before. Inspired by the Isle of Portland off the Jurassic Coast, meet the natives of Portland, pirates and smugglers and a prehistoric Jurassic monster intent on consuming the rest of Hook.

Come early to take part and play a role in this playful and honest adaptation of J. M. Barrie’s timeless tale with original live music and song.

In this ultimate battle of the generations, the fresh, innovative youth take on the strength and wisdom of age and experience. In the light of the major challenges the world is currently facing, how can we learn from each other? How can we work together to create a bright future? How do we face the fear of growing up and embrace the advantages of ageing without clinging to eternal youth?

Community Event!

The Portland Players, Offshoot Collective, and the Drop In Youth Service present an original, site-responsive, and immersive theatrical experience

Portland's Church Ope Cove area is transformed into Neverland!

Meet the characters - including natives of Portland, pirates, lost boys, mercreatures and a prehistoric Jurassic monster

Feel free to dress up, take part and play a role in this playful and interactive experience inspired by J. M. Barrie’s timeless tale

This event is written, co-created and performed by diverse groups of local community performers, led by SISATA



This SISATA production drew from experiences of climate change and the power of nature through our work with coastal communities on the Isle of Portland in Dorset. The project culminated in an original site-responsive promenade play cycle of three dynamic and nature-connected pieces that are inspired by the original Shakespearean text and were performed on the Isle of Portland as part of the b-side fringe festival. These three plays in a cycle were written, co-created and performed by diverse groups of local community performers, led by a team of professional writers and SISATA.



ReView by Susan Creed featured in the henleY standarD